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News | Federal government of Brazil sanctions law named Aldir Blanc, establishing emergency measures to the cultural sector


The federal government of Brazil sanctioned Law 14.017/20, also known as the Aldir Blanc Law (in honor of the deceased composer, victim of the coronavirus), which establishes the transfer of R$ 3 billion to the cultural sector, which was highly impacted by the pandemic. The mentioned amount will be distributed by the federal government to states and municipalities.

In short, the law created three lines of incentives:

  1. Workers of the cultural sector will receive an emergency income of R$ 600.00;
  2. Cultural spaces and organizations will receive monthly subsidies that may vary between R$ 3,000.00 and R$ 10,000.00; and
  3. At least R$ 600 million will be transferred to states and municipalities so that they can issue public calls for cultural projects to encourage the production of creative content. Said law allows public calls to include cultural activities broadcast online, through social media or other digital platforms.




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